Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Rebrand the Platform

In many ways, "Second Life" is the worst 2 words to infect the virtual worlds for enterprise use discourse. SL has such a stigma amongst mainstream CEO's that another name, distant from one conjouring images of virtual vampires, submissive Gorean Males http://foo.secondlifeherald.com/slh/2009/09/gorean-feminist-guide-to-second-life-gor.html and other weird kinky stuff for 400 LB shut-ins may do the trick and allow the platform a chance at adoption as an enterprise tool.

But ... "Nebraska"? What a Stupid Name. Wonder what Linden came up with this bizarre nonsensical name. Here is some free advice from PG to LL, rebrand the platform and stay away from anything remotely close to Second Life if you want to stand a chance of selling this to hard core CTO's and CIO's.

Anyway, from VWN; Linden Lab Set to Debut "Nebraska"... "Mark Kingdon, CEO, Linden Lab/Second Life will unveil and demo what the company is calling "the much anticipated behind the firewall’ product from Linden, code named Nebraska. According to Linden lab, "a few enterprise customers will join [Kingdon] to discuss the product and future outlook of immersive, virtual workspaces" in the public demo. The presentation is slated for a mixed-reality event at the Moscone Center and in Second Life. Second Life and Linden Lab observers expect the demo to offer nuts-and-bolts into Nebraska specs, packages, and what ever Linden plans on calling the new stand-alone virtual world package. Kingdon will present during a tech conference in SF on November 4." http://www.virtualworldsnews.com/2009/10/linden-lab-set-to-debut-nebraska.html

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