Sunday, December 6, 2009

Zynga Launches PetVille & Retires GoPets

Zynga, which aquired GoPets launched PetVille. As the name implies, PetVille is Zynga's entry into the time-tested but crowded "virtual pet" genre of social game. Users can adopt and play with virtual pets, earning items to customize their virtual homes and appearances. What is curious about the sudden launch of PetVille is that, technically speaking, Zynga was already operating a virtual pet game-- until about a month ago.

Zynga purchased GoPets about one month ago, according to statements made by GoPets founder Erick Bethke. A cursory glance at screenshots of GoPets and PetVille make it clear that the two games are very different, with GoPets 3D virtual world exchanged for simpler 2D graphics in PetVille. So why did Zynga purchase one of the Web's most popular virtual pet games only to shut it down and release something completely different a month later?

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