Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Miniaturize your real life into MyMiniLife

MyMiniLife (which I have blogged about previously) have added a cool feature to their virtual world and it is pretty cool! Reminds me of Sceencaster of Toronto but with a virtual world with avatars. Here is what one of the 3 founders, Zhao Yang says; "our goal was to allow anyone to easily mirror his or her real life into MyMiniLife. All it takes is a digital camera and some basic tools with Gimp/Photoshop. ... Here are some items created by users:


Lizart's NV Chef Ramsey:

Bottle of Wine:

Initially the item system was in beta because we wanted to see if users were actually going to use it. Now after 2 months, we have 9000 public and private items in the system with soccer moms and non-technical people creating items. We also allow users to create wallpaper and tiles using their own pictures. We try to make it very user friendly and simple to represent your real life. We currently have 750,000 users growing by 200,000-300,000 per month, ~900,000 visits per month, 9 million pageviews per month, and 15 million widget views per month (google analytics across the main site and our applications)." I like it! Nice work guys ...

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