Monday, October 12, 2009

Vector City Racers Family Subscription Plans Are Very Smart

Cityracers Vector Entertainment just launched its online car racing world Vector City Racers (VCR). In beta for almost a year, and with launch delayed by litigation from Ganz Interactive (Webkinz World) there are now 290,000 player registrations and typically draws 15,000 daily unique visitors PG LOVES their subscription pricing model of 4 membership plans, especially the Family Monthly and Annual: Monthly ($4.95), Annual ($49.95), Family Monthly: ($9.95), and Family Annual ($99.00). Very smart! But their payment pages need a lot of work
They also have a Facebook App that is pretty cool. Check this other review;
If I were these guys, I would try and do a deal with NASCAR or F1 even so every family / kid that shows proof of a NASCAR ticket gets a free membership.

The concept can be copied to other virtual worlds with advertising or co-marketing deals where a kid shows proof of purchase of a real life item (ie a receipt) and then uses this as a way to gain a membership, credits or other virual good from the participating virtual world publisher (eg stardoll users show H&M merchandise purchases as a way to get virtual items or memberships ...).

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