Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Best Virtual World & Payment System Devs

If you need virtual world development done, including payment systems and internal billing systems integrated and launched, Adminotech of Oulu Finland is your best choice They can cover all your virtual world / virtual platform development and management needs like;

1. technical / customer support (multi language not currently offered in EU)
2. server infra and hosting
3. payment network design, integration, deployment and management
4. technical operations
5. programming / development

In the picture above Ryan McDougall now senior software developer with RealXtend, Tomi Kujanpää (LudoCraft/realXtend Art Director & Avatar Specialist), Hannu Hollström (ADMINO technologies) have a drink with Gene Yoon (Ginsu Linden), VP of Business Affairs, Linden Lab at The Metaverse Mixer Meetup at the Hotel Figueroa.

Contact Hannu CEO or his brother Tommi CTO at

Hannu Hollström
+358 50 574 2200

Tommi Hollström
+358 40 747 8886

Cheers! Tell 'em PG sent you. PG

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