Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Payment Pages Done Wrong - Case Webkinz eStore

Following our hugely successful post on payment pages done right, PG and Team are please to present its blog post counterpart "Payment Pages Done Wrong". First case of how to mess it up is Webkinz eStore. The otherwise brilliant and successful virtual world brainchild of secretive Canadian retail genius Howard Ganz

With 60 country coverage the WebKinz eStore looks impressive. But with pricing only in USD (no EURO even!) and payment methods are only the 3 major credit cards plus lag and long purchasing processes makes Webkinz eStore an example of how not to sell virtual goods. PG will not even mention the outrageously expensive price points.

Check it out yourself here:

"Virtual item feature codes purchased through eStore can only be used on an active Webkinz World account and are to be redeemed at the Code Shop. Pet secret codes are to be used at the Adoption Center on Webkinz World. All codes are unique and can only be used once.

All prices are in US dollars only. There are no refunds or exchanges for Webkinz and Lil'Kinz pets, virtual items and virtual pets. Webkinz and Lil'Kinz pets are available for purchase through eStore to those residing outside of the US/Canada.

A $5 dollar minimum order (before taxes) is required to make purchases of virtual items and virtual pets through eStore. A minimum order of three pets is required when purchasing Webkinz Plush Pets and/or Lil'Kinz Plush Pets through eStore.
Accepted Credit Cards:

* Visa
* MasterCard

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