Sunday, February 1, 2009

Where oh where will Asmo go?

Still not sure where Asmo Halinen, Founder and brains behind innovative Finnish Playray ( will pursue new challenges, but something is up according to his blog; "Besides starting as a CEO in a new company in January, I’ve also joined / going to join some other companies as an advisor or a board member. The first two of these companies are Kokumi Oy, company behind, the #1 restaurant review service in Finland, and Oy Grey Area Ab. Grey Area defines its self as a “mash-up company exploring the grey area between agile software development and creative thought” - and that’s pretty much all I can reveal at this stage... I’m really pleased and enthusiastic about working with these two companies and great people behind them. There’s something else in the pipeline on this area as well, but more about it later." Good luck!

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