Monday, February 18, 2008

Watch Out Linden Lab - realXtend joins OpenSim to "make OpenSim the global de facto standard"

15.2.2008 realXtend joins OpenSim "Team up to make open source Virtual World standard" Open source virtual world developers OpenSim are building a global standard to power the 3D internet, now joined by Finnish developer's realXtend, OpenSim gains many new key features and technologies. OpenSim is a free and open standard virtual world server founded at the beginning of 2007 by a small group of developers. The OpenSim platform can be used for creating and deploying immersive 3D Virtual Interactive Environments. The realXtend project's mission is to assist in bringing forth the next generation of virtual reality development by focusing on interoperability technologies, usability and real-life application support. realXtend brings to OpenSim professional experience and development in the realm of 3D engine programming, voice over IP and network support, and is contributing many new features such as improved 3D graphics and voice chat. "I welcome the realXtend project to join us. It is my pleasure to see that the OpenSim gets a huge professional code contribution. The future of the OpenSim project looks bright as the developer base continues to grow with giant leaps like this", says OpenSim project manager Darren Guard (aka core developer Michael Wright). realXtend is contributing all the server side code for their developments to OpenSim and continues to do so from now on. This collaboration of two projects with a similar vision enables realXtend and OpenSim to focus on common issues, and solve them more quickly - leveraging experience and knowledge from each party. realXtend project manager Jani Pirkola comments on the joining as "I see this as a great possibility to quickly make OpenSim the global de facto standard and to significantly speed up the global technology development in this area. Our common goal is to create the best open source virtual world server platform, and to continue the rapid evolution of OpenSim". realXtend is a partnership of two Finnish companies, ADMINO technologies and LudoCraft. They are both pioneers in virtual world development and interactive experience design. LudoCraft Ltd. is a game studio specializing in the design and development of collaborative multiplayer 3D games and simulations. ADMINO technologies develop unique, scalable virtual world server solutions. The realXtend group has now 20 personnel (programmers, designers and content creators) working full time towards the project. Additional information: realXtend Project Manager
Jani Pirkola OpenSim Core Developer
Adam Frisby realXtend Communications Ville Wittenberg

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I think Cory woke up right form of Genie (open source) before he left LL :)