Monday, March 24, 2008

9 Questions For One of Linden Lab's Best People

9 questions but oddly none of them about payment or billing matters in this softball interview with Linden Lab's back-end billing guy and "one of the best people they have"; "This time we've interviewed someone from the Linden family. Linden Lab has sent us one of the best people they have, Morpheus Linden. He leads a team, called Studio Lux, that works on the back-end billing integration. For example, he and his crew have worked on the infamous but necessary technical part of the introduction of VAT to Europe's Second Life residents. Please note that some of the usual 9 questions seemed a bit inapropriate for an employee of Linden Lab, so we had to change them a bit for this occasion. Thank you Morpheus, for our pleasant conversation and answering these questions so openly and honestly. And thanks Dee Linden for setting it up. I owe you at least a virtual glass of fine champagne. :) That said, let's get to the 9 Questions and Answers ...

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