Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Metanomics 101 - Upcoming Events

Here is the upcoming action at Prof. Robert Bloomfield/Beyers Sellers, Cornell University/Metanomics ( Metanomics series;

"Thanks for the post. This series has been a fascinating experience for me. We have a number of great sessions coming up. People can get more info at, and for convenience, here is a list:

Friday, March 28th, 10:30 Pacific Time (SLT): Mitch Kapor, Chairman of the Board, Linden Lab will talk about recent changes in management and policy at Linden Lab.

Monday, March 31st, 11am SLT. Accountants and Taxes in the metaverse. A panel to discuss taxes and financial reporting for virtual businesses, with Rocky Maddaloni, Director of the Maryland Association of CPAs (and also Director of SLACPA), Chili Carson, who has an accounting practice in SL, and Bryan Camp, Tax Law Prof from Texas Tech (and Metanomics guest from the Fall).

Monday, April 7th, 11am SLT. Experimental Economics in Virtual Worlds. We will hear from a panel of experimental economists on how to use virtual worlds for experimentation. I am expecting Metanomics’ own Steve Atlas, John Duffy from Pitt, and Thomas Chesney from the UK.

Monday, April 14th. Wagner James Au and Cory Ondrejka discuss the history and future of Linden Lab, Second LIfe and the Metaverse.

Monday, April 21st. Gartner Analyst Steve Prentice will provide his take on the future of virtual worlds.

Monday, April 28th, we will have Karen Herzog of Sophia’s Garden, to discuss the virtual world platform they set up for families with seriously ill children to communicate with one another, friends and their medical providers. The platform is based on Qwaq, and Qwaq’s CEO, Greg Nuyens, will join us, and we will film the episode in Sophia’s Garden.

PaymentGuy thinks this is well worth watching with such excellent guests! Nice job Rob.

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