Friday, March 28, 2008

Introducing the New International L$ Marketplace

From the Linden Blog Posted: 26 Mar 2008 02:12 PM CDT; "It’s astounding that with so many residents outside of the United States, we still only accept U.S. Dollars as payment. Localizing payment systems and maintaining the highest level of security possible for our residents is no easy task. Today we’re pleased to announce a new initiative to make the Linden Dollar more accessible! Through our Risk API program, we have already established relationships with some of the biggest 3rd party Linden Dollar exchanges to keep transactions secure and protect our residents. We are pleased that these Linden Dollar resellers have chosen to work with us and we are now making their services even more accessible to our residents. A new article on our public wiki page lists the payment options they offer by country, currency, and payment method. The wide range of payment systems these sites offer for Linden Dollars is now also directly available through via a link on our currency page to that wiki article. To keep the information up-to-date, we've created two surveys. For those Linden dollar sellers that do not use our Risk API, we'd like to know what payment methods and currencies you accept and whether you'd be interested in using our Risk API. You can fill out a survey to tell us here. For our residents outside of the U.S., we'd like to know what currencies and payment methods you would like to see available to purchase Linden Dollars. A survey for Linden Dollar buyers is here. By making it easier for our residents outside of the U.S. to attain Linden Dollars, we hope to make Second Life and all of the wonderful creations of our residents more accessible to everyone!"

Translated this means Linden now directs its Linden $ buyers to three 3rd party Linden "exchanges" (a grand term for buyers buying Lindens at market price from the Lindex at controlled pre-set batches by Linden Lab who then resell Lindens with a margin to buyers who want to avail of alternative payment methods than credit cards and use Euro's or other currencies), namely Dutch Exchange, Anshe Chunge's site and ELDEX.


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