Friday, March 28, 2008

ex-HABBO CHINA Manager Launches iLemon

You be the judge if this will be the next HABBO CHINA, or .... drum-roll please .... just another Lemon ... From VWN; "iLemon, a Chinese virtual world developer, is developing Adventure Island, a virtual world designed to help Chinese users learn English through ties to the Adventure Learning Channel's "Adventure Girls." The world is currently going through an internal beta test at the ALC, though it looks like it was targeted for a February launch, and "combines web 2.0 social networking features with web 3.0 virtual world providing users a real-time graphical environment to interact with each other and the show hostesses while learning English in a totally different way." From looking at a case study, it looks like Adventure Island is meant to generate its own revenue through virtual goods and advertising, while tying users back to the main show. Feedback from the virtual world and, potentially users, will make their way onto the show itself. There are options for maintaing private spaces (which come with karaoke and digital video chat setups) and customizing avatars, but the Web-based world also features guest modes, allowing users to try it out with no registration and minimal barrier of entry. iLemon will be exhibiting at Virtual Worlds 2008, April 3-4 in New York City: Booth 15."

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laloo said...

Great post… Great info on bounce rates… I’ll have to write an entry about the same topic some day soon… Bounce rates can tell you alot…
I tend to look at the bounce rate and then look at the keywords that brought people to the site. Does the page answer the keyword question? If No then there is some work to do on that or a new more focused post.