Monday, March 24, 2008

After a year of open source, Second Life looks ahead (to staying closed ... )

This is an article by Nathan Willis on March 20 where he interviewed Linden Lab's Open Source guy Rob Lamphier who described why Second Life will not be open sourced anytime soon which kinda sorta begs the question, why have an open source guy in the first place?; "But don't expect to see the SL Grid server source code released any time soon. "There are a number of things about the architecture of our current server infrastructure that inhibit a source code release. There are a lot of cases of monolithic design and improper trust relationships between components that would need to be addressed." Ok ... sure, roger, gotcha ... translation coming soon ...

This post got a lot of feedback and one of the comments was revealing; "Um, that's a monster of a statement in that article that was virtually passed over. The guy is basically saying they aren't going to ever open source the server code now, apparently, or at least not anytime soon. That's very different from the hints they were giving last year that they would open source the server. This basically means Second Life has no long term future, just like ActiveWorlds. I have now completely dropped it from any of my projects. There are completely open source alternatives like Croquet and Project Darkstar." Here is the full article

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