Tuesday, March 25, 2008

PayPal Strips Nudists of Service

Nudist group stripped of service claims PayPal exposes ignorance print this article
VANCOUVER CP The Federation of Canadian Naturists believes it is the victim of naked aggression. The federation, which publishes the magazine Going Natural, says after four years of processing subscription payments for the magazine, PayPal has abruptly cancelled its service. According to the federation, PayPal has ruled Going Natural sells sexually oriented goods or services involving minors or services which facilitate meetings for sexually oriented activities. Federation government affairs director Judy Williams says the decision is "born of ignorance" because Going Natural is devoted to naturism, or nudism, a social movement over a hundred years old and unrelated to sexual activity. She says PayPal is a global leader in online payment solutions and has a near monopoly on the market so she urges it to avoid making arbitrary and narrow judgements. Williams says the Federation of Canadian Naturists is mulling a class action lawsuit and wants to hear from any organization which believes it has been refused service by PayPal because of political, social, or religious views.

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