Monday, March 24, 2008

ClickandBuy Resurrected?

Not hardly. They are still on the ropes but did announce a "deal" with OG Planet thus apparently breaking 4 months of self-imposed corporate communications blackout. But they still have no press releases in 2008 at their corporate site. Their most recent is back in November 2007; Anyway, here is this news trickle; OGPlanet Announces New Partnership with ClickandBuy - ClickandBuy Agreement Gives Consumers New Payment Option El Segundo, Calif.- March 7, 2008- Online gaming enthusiasts now have a new way to purchase in-game items and upgrade their characters. OGPlanet, an innovative provider of multiplayer online games, announced today that it has begun offering its players the option to pay via ClickandBuy, a leading Internet payment system. While OGPlanet operates its online games using a free-to-play model, certain special in-game items are offered via micro-transactions. Players purchase Astros, in-game currency, on the OGPlanet Web site, and can then use the Astros as they please within OGPlanet’s massively multiplayer online games. OGPlanet’s customers will now be able to purchase their Astros using ClickandBuy, an Internet payment system that allows them to easily complete secure transactions. “We want to make transactions as simple and safe as possible for our customers,” said Don Choi, chief operations officer for OGPlanet. “The addition of the ClickandBuy payment option presents our fan base with another convenient way to make secure online payments via a trusted source.” “Our aim is to support merchants worldwide with a reliable, secure, complete and easy- to-use solution, giving their end-users as many payment options as possible,” said Guenter Meessen, gaming specialist at ClickandBuy. “The less work our merchants have to do, the better.”

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